Apple’s App Store engrosses China’s Tech Merchandise China which is known to be the most populated country in the world. China has become the world’s largest market for Apple’s App Store in the revenue market. Video streaming apps in China has a major impact on the Entertainment category and includes traditional cable spaces with investments in Smart TV and original content. Apple store which was founded in the year 2001, deals with computers and consumer electronics. The US had been the top market in terms of App Store revenue since the year 2010. In the future, Chinese will slingshot the largest App Store absolute revenue growth for any country. Smartphone apps continue to play an important role in China. Most of the popular mobile apps in China have been developed by two competing tech giants Tencent Algoritz and Baidu. Communication, browsing the mobile internet, listening to FM (music) and watching videos are the most common activities of China mobile users. The only foreign app that enjoys some popularity in China is Google’s mobile Chrome browser. At present, Chinese consumers spend more than five times the amount they were spending compared with just two years before. The estimation says that if the China’s rapid App Store revenue growth continued at the same pace, it would overtake the U.S. by year’s end. The growth is largely being driven by games which are about the seventy-five percent of App Store revenue. However, the non-games will also begin to see their revenues grow. This growth is currently underway in China, where Entertainment, Social Networking, Books, Photo, and Video applications were the top-earning categories beyond games, and have seen their revenues more than triple year-over-year. Particularly, games are the second fastest-growing Casperon category in China which includes the video streaming apps like iQIYI, Tencent Video, and Youku. The other Chinese communication apps like QQ, Momo, and Inke have also the feature of video streaming. A Brief Sketch about iPhone Apps: In the present era, there are roughly two million apps available. The Chinese users of Apple’s Smartphone looking for the third-party apps; these apps are very potential and useful one. They are pre-installed, including ever-improving Maps, Messages, Music, News, and Photos apps. It covers all the basic functions like communication, entertainment, and finding information, whether it is local or general one. Mostly all the apps are free to use, but only a few have optional subscription pricing for added functionality. Pokémon Go- the most popular downloaded app: The most popular ongoing game of the year 2016 is Pokémon Go. This app has reached about six hundred million dollars in revenues faster than any other app to date. It has accomplished that milestone about three times faster than Candy Crush Saga; five times faster than Puzzle and Dragons; and over seven times faster than the highly successful Clash of clans. It still accounts for about forty-five percent of the total time spent in-app compared with the other popular games. The game also holds a spot in the top five apps on Android as well, falling in the fourth place behind the giants, Facebook, Chrome, and YouTube. This game also continues to be a cross-platform success. Recently, a famous magazine has reported that this game is the most downloaded app on the App Store and Google Play. Following Pokémon Go, the other top downloaded apps on the iOS App Store included Uber, Messenger, WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat and Google Maps. According to the Survey: The report says that China contributed nearly two billion in revenue to the App Store in Q3 2016, which is fifteen percent more than the USA. The US currently stands second on the revenue chart with nearly two billion while the third position is taken by Japan with nearly two billion. In the year 2015, US were at the top with one billion dollars and Japan was behind with eight hundred million dollars, while china was third. Popular Mobile Apps in China: WeChat: This app has been installed with almost every Chinese Smartphone. The user base has recently passed seven hundred million and continues growing. The main developer for this app is Tencent, is one of the most Chinese tech firms. Chinese folks exclaim that this app is the undisputed leader of mobile apps in China. QQ: This app is another hugely popular messaging app and it was developed by Tencent. QQ is said to be the most popular communication tool on desktops and also the most well-known Chinese Internet brand. Most of the people in China use both apps WeChat and QQ. Mobile Baidu: Baidu holds about sixty percent of the desktop search market in China and about ninety percent of share market. This app is the third most used mobile app in China. It also well designed, very fast and accepts multiple input modes. Taobao: Most of the Chinese app are interested in shopping, Chatting, searching the mobile net. It is one of the most favorite apps and it is also said to be highly addictive. While people are involved in other activities (like eating or driving) they can finish their shopping using this app on their phone. UC Browser: This is one of the mobile browsers developed by Chinese mobile Internet Company named ‘UCWeb’. This app has reached about five hundred million users in the year 2014, where the majority of users were in China. This app is said to be the most popular mobile browser app; even though there are many serious security issues. QQ Browser: This is the second most popular mobile browser across all mobile platforms. This browser app was developed by the Tencent. Tencent Video: Watching videos is one of the most favorite hobbies of Chinese mobile users and QQ video has been their platform of choice. This app has recently succeeded YouKu, the most popular Chinese video platform, in terms of mobile share market. It is used for watching TV advertisements, TV game shows and so on. Sogou Mobile Input: Sogou Mobile Input was initially released in the year 2006 and it is the most popular Chinese input software. This app makes use of its search engine techniques with the help of internet. Its mobile app version can be used with both Android and ios devices. It also offers dozens of colorful keyboards with hundreds of popular emojis and stickers, which are so popular with Chinese mobile users. 360 Mobile securities App: This app serves both antivirus and memory management app and it is most popular with Android devices with iPhones as well. It was developed by the second most popular Chinese search engine named ‘Qihoo’. It is also known to be the 360 Search. This security software has a large install base on the desktop. YouKu: This app is the largest video hosting platform and is among most popular video mobile apps in China. On the other side of the coin, it has been losing its mobile share market to Tencent. This app is not that much popular comparing to the other apps. This one is frequently associated with pirated shows and films in its traditional days. But now it claims to only host legitimate content. Millions of the Chinese folks use this app to watch their favorite show every day.