The FIFA (Federation of International Football Association) Confederations Cup is an international association for the football tournament that is associated for the men’s national teams around the world, which is held every four years by the FIFA itself. The tournament is contested by the six continental championships; they are AFC, CONCACAF, CAF, OFC, CONMEBOL, and UEFA, along with the current holder of the tournament that is the hosting nation that hosts the tournament. Since the year of 2005, the tournament has been held in the countries that will host the next FIFA world cup, and this acts as the test event for the next and the larger tournament. The qualified eight teams are drawn into two groups of round-robin: which means two teams that are from the same confederation cannot be scheduled in the same group. Every team in the confederation plays against all other teams that are in the group at least once, for a total of three matches. The rankings are determined as follows, Points obtained in all group matches.

  • Goal Differences
  • Number of goals scored
  • Points obtained in the group matches between the concerned teams.
  • Goal difference in the group matches between concerned teams.
  • The number of goals scored in group matches between the concerned teams.
  • Points based on the fair play.

On these bases, the winner of the world cup is determined after the league and the playoff matches are over.