The UEFA European Championship is also informally known as the Euros, which is a primary football association competition that is contested by the senior men’s national teams of the Union of European Football Associations’ (UEFA) members, who determine Europe’s continental champion. This is held once in every four years since 1960, it was originally called the UEFA European Nation’s Cup, later it changed the name to its current name in the year of 1968. Starting with the year of 1996 tournament, specific championships are often referred to the form of UEFA Euro, this format has also been applied for the tournaments that have had held earlier. Since the 1996 tournament, the specific championships are referred in the form of UEFA Euro, and this format has been retroactively applied to tournaments that have been held earlier. Prior to the entering of the tournaments, all the teams of the other teams that are apart from the host nations (this generally qualifies automatically) will compete in the qualifying processes. The championship winners would seize the opportunity to compete in the FIFA Confederations Cup. The most recent championship hosted in 2016 by France was won by the Portugal team who defeated France at 1-0 in the final.